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Award Overview
Award Number POO033A094341
Award Type Grant
Award Amount $57,988
Funds Received $57,988
Amount Expended $57,988
Project Status Completed
** Jobs Funded 0.00
Last Reported 12/31/2009
** Amounts are cumulative from Feb. 17, 2009; number of jobs funded are for the latest reporting quarter only.
Federal Work-Study provides need-based financial aid to students.
Quarterly Activity/Project Description
Federal Work-Study provides need-based financial aid to students through compensation for hours worked at on-or off-campus jobs.
Prime Recipient Information
DUNS Number 091221515
Address VA, 24382
Primary Place of Performance
Wytheville,  VA  24382 
VA Congressional District District #09
Representative: H. Morgan Griffith  
VA Secretariat Secretary of Education
Required to Report Top 5 Highly Compensated Officials
Award Information
Award Date07/01/2009
Award NumberPOO033A094341 Award Key 42050
CFDA Number 84.033 - Federal Work-Study Program
Award Type Grant
Funding AgencyDepartment of Education
Awarding AgencyDepartment of Education
Total Award Amount$57,988
Amount Received$57,988
Amount Expended$57,988
Infrastructure Amount Expended$0
Program Information
Who Establishes Distribution Federal
Use of Funds:
Permissions, Prohibitions, Requirements, Restrictions
Not specified in ARRA, however the usual financial aid rules apply.
Additional Reporting Requirements Reported on the college or university financial statements.
Additional Comments Work study funding will be used for school year 2009–2010. These funds are available, pending disbursement, beginning July 1, 2009. These funds will be provided directly to affected institutions of higher education.
Commonwealth of VA
Kent Dickey
(804) 225-2025
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Rules/Regulations Source:
Projects and Jobs
Project Title Federal Work Study
Project Status Completed
Final Project Report Submitted Yes
Project Activities Description Higher Education
** Jobs Funded 0.00
Description of Jobs Funded Federal Work-Study Program jobs.
Sub-Award Information
Sub-Awards to Organizations
Number: 0
Amount: $0
Sub-Awards to Individuals
Number: 0
Amount: $0
Sub-awards less than $25,000
Number: 0
Amount: $0
Payments to Vendors less than $25,000
Number: 0
Amount: $0
Payments to Vendors greater than $25,000
Number: 0
Amount: $0
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