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Award Overview
Award Number 3R01AI048672-09S1
Award Type Grant
Award Amount $141,850
Funds Received $141,850
Amount Expended $141,850
Project Status Completed
** Jobs Funded 0.00
Last Reported 03/31/2011
** Amounts are cumulative from Feb. 17, 2009; number of jobs funded are for the latest reporting quarter only.
In our grant application, as part of Aim 2, we had proposed to study the role of SHP-1 in CD4+CD25+Foxp3+regulatory T cells. These studies have resulted in some very interesting findings not only defining a role for SHP-1 in Treg cells, but also addressing the still poorly understood mechanism of Treg-mediated suppression of T cell proliferation. Since there are no Treg cell lines available, all these studies are performed using primary Treg cells, CD4 T effector cells, and antigen presenting cells, such as dendritic cells requiring a large number of mice. Moreover, most of the studies are analyzed by flow cytometry and more recently by Imagestreem, a state of the art instrument combining flow cytometry with miscroscopy that is available at only a few research places in the world. The usage of Imagestream allowed us to detect mechanistic details of Treg-mediated suppression otherwise undectable. In order for us to continue with these studies, we will need additional funds to cover the ever increasing costs of animals housing and usage of the flow cytometric core facility. Aim 3 of our grant application focuses on the role of SHP-1 during the generation of Treg cells. For those studies, we had generated transgenic mice expressing dominant negative mutants of SHP-1 using the Cre/loxP system. While our initial results were promising and showed the feasibility of the approach chosen, we lost several of the lines due to non-specific deletion by the Ick-Cre mouse. We have now regenerated these transgenic lines and want to perform the proposed studies to gain a better understanding of Treg development. However, we will need additional funds to do this since the regenerati0n was costly. Moreover, due to our previous experience of non-specific deletion, we are now carrying each transgenic line crossed onto different genetic backgrounds with and without co-expression of Cre and transgenic TCRs. This has dramatically increased the number of mice necessary to be housed and our costs have severely gone up, as in the detail outlined in the budget justification. In addition, due to an increase of overall costs including salaries of research associates and supplies, I was no longer able to support a laboratory specialist, although it was included in my original budget.
Quarterly Activity/Project Description
The project had been completed the previous quarter
Prime Recipient Information
DUNS Number 065391526
Address VA, 22903
Primary Place of Performance
Charlottesville,  VA  22904 
VA Congressional District District #05
Representative: Robert Hurt  
VA Secretariat Secretary of Education
Required to Report Top 5 Highly Compensated Officials
Award Information
Award Date09/21/2009
Award Number3R01AI048672-09S1 Award Key 56938
CFDA Number 93.701 - Trans-NIH Recovery Act Research Support
Award Type Grant
Funding AgencyNational Institutes of Health
Awarding AgencyNational Institutes of Health
Total Award Amount$141,850
Amount Received$141,850
Amount Expended$141,850
Infrastructure Amount Expended$0
Projects and Jobs
Project Title Role of SHP-1 in T cell activation and development
Project Status Completed
Final Project Report Submitted Yes
Project Activities Description Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
** Jobs Funded 0.00
Description of Jobs Funded None
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Number: 0
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Number: 0
Amount: $0
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Number: 70
Amount: $18,604
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Number: 0
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