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Award Overview
Award Number 0960074
Award Type Grant
Award Amount $1,345,087
Funds Received $1,245,120
Amount Expended $1,245,120
Project Status Completed
** Jobs Funded 0.00
Last Reported 12/31/2013
** Amounts are cumulative from Feb. 17, 2009; number of jobs funded are for the latest reporting quarter only.
With this award from the Major Research and Instrumentation (MRI) program, Professor Brooks H. Pate of the University of Virginia, David W. Pratt of the University of Pittsburgh and Steven T. Shipman of New College of Florida have submitted a proposal in response to the MRI-R2 solicitation to construct a 3rd Generation Chirped-Pulse Fourier Transform Microwave spectrometer (CP-FTMW) for applications in molecular structure determination. The proposed instrument will advance microwave spectroscopy for the analysis of conformational flexible molecules, molecular complexes and chemically reactive species such as ions and radicals. In addition, powerful new double-resonance techniques using fully shapeable microwave pulses produced by a high-speed arbitrary waveform generator will be designed and implemented. These techniques will make it possible to use the spectrometer's performance gains to speed the analysis of spectra, not just the acquisition of spectra. The CP-FTMW technique exploits advances in high-speed digital electronics to achieve excellent speed and sensitivity in obtaining molecular rotational spectra. Analysis of the spectra provides detailed structural parameters for the molecules, ions and radicals under investigation. Structural information is the sine qua non necessary to understand chemical properties and reactivity. The development of this spectrometer will train undergraduate and graduate students in the construction and use of modern instrumentation.
Quarterly Activity/Project Description
A new chirped-pulse Fourier-transform microwave (CP-FTMW) laboratory has been established at the University of Vermont, using funds provided with this grant and equipment transferred from the University of Pittsburgh. Currently, the equipment is housed in a 400 sq ft laboratory in the Cook Physical Sciences building; the lab also has space for an electronics workbench, vacuum lines. hood and synthesis space, a computer workstation, a video setup, and desk space for three students. Currently, this space is being used to train undergraduate students in the theory and practice of CP-FTMW spectroscopy, its application to biologically relevant molecules in the gas phase, and the presentation of the experimental results in the form of posters and refereed journal articles.
Prime Recipient Information
DUNS Number 065391526
Address VA, 22903
Primary Place of Performance
Charlottesville,  VA  22904 
VA Congressional District District #05
Representative: Robert Hurt  
VA Secretariat Secretary of Education
Required to Report Top 5 Highly Compensated Officials
Award Information
Award Date02/04/2010
Award Number0960074 Award Key 92225
CFDA Number 47.082 - Trans-NSF Recovery Act Research Support
Award Type Grant
Funding AgencyNational Science Foundation
Awarding AgencyNational Science Foundation
Total Award Amount$1,345,087
Amount Received$1,245,120
Amount Expended$1,245,120
Infrastructure Amount Expended$0
Projects and Jobs
Project Title MRI-R2: Development of a Cyber-enabled Third Generation Chirped-Pulse Fourier Transform Microwave (CP-FTMW) Spectrometer
Project Status Completed
Final Project Report Submitted No
Project Activities Description Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
** Jobs Funded 0.00
Description of Jobs Funded None
Sub-Award Information
Sub-Awards to Organizations
Number: 1
Amount: $109,753
Sub-Awards to Individuals
Number: 0
Amount: $0
Sub-awards less than $25,000
Number: 0
Amount: $0
Payments to Vendors less than $25,000
Number: 43
Amount: $59,004
Payments to Vendors greater than $25,000
Number: 0
Amount: $0
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